Video Premiere: “Tight Pants”

“Tight Pants” music video is finally here! Watch now on Loudwire or BroBible.


buckcherryVideo Premiere: “Tight Pants”

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  1. Sheila Gassmann

    Short and to the point. I’m pretty disappointed that you couldn’t come to Hays, KS to play. We don’t get any real music here at all. The bar you was going to play at closed down. You should’ve came and played in my big backyard. The fans here are starving for great talent such as yours. Hell, we don’t even have a good radio station here. Just wish you could’ve found a way!

    1. Post

    Thats a good jam .Seen you guys up at bike week Sandusky ohio…rocked it. Loved confessions album sloth was amazing nuff said …….thx buckcherry4life

  3. sheila gassmann

    Lacrosse isn’t far away at all. What day are you looking at? Hopefully not a weekday since I get up at 4:30 a.m. for work.

  4. Luke

    Gotta come to Quito, Ecuador and play a gig. Somewhere different and exotic. People love rock here. I’ll pay for your drinks hahahaha.

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