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  2. apryll

    Worst Buck cherry song EVER! Very disappointed. Felt like I was listening to POP…ugh. Not to mention the original song even sucks! Come on guys, we need some more original CRAZY BITCH type of music!

    1. Dennis


      First off its “BUCKCHERRY” not Buck Cherry. Did you think they were a new Group when “Crazy Bitch” came out?

      This band has been through a TON over the years(1999-Present). This is a quintessential Buckcherry record. Rockin’, plenty of hooks, some swearing here and there(ha) and catchy as hell lyrics.

      “Say Fuck It” has been a huge fan favorite since they started playing it live(Have you been to a show?)

      They covered a pop/dance hit and added a BUCKCHERRY twist to it. The result is awesome, one of the most catchy tunes I’ve ever heard. BC fans “get it”.

      Once Radio gets a hold of it the song will be huge.

      1. angelia hall

        1st I wanna thank ya, I fucking love this I love buckcherry seen them 3 times and hopefully 4 in Oct. But your so right once radio gets this, it’s on, they’ll wear it out…. can’t wait.

  3. Mike V

    I am driving to Florida from north east PA the day after the Starland show and cant wait to see this ‘cover’ as I missed it this summer holding a spot at the rail for Godsmack at Camden afew months ago. Say Fuck It to haters!!!

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