PledgeMusic “Singles Club” Now Live

We’re covering some of our favorite songs and only making them available to you. Subscribe to the “Singles Club” at and you’ll receive 1 cover song each month for the next 6 months! We just delivered our first one… a cover of Rolling Stone’s “Beast of Burden”! Check it out now and see a bunch of other exclusive offerings!

buckcherryPledgeMusic “Singles Club” Now Live

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    Love Buckcherry since seing them opening for KISS in 1999. They left a very strong impression at Hellfest this year. Don’t change anything guys, sleaze with a touch of class !

    1. Luke

      hey man!!! I love Buckcherry too – always supported them since 1998…if you like Josh’s voice and the music please check us out – dirty skirt


  2. angelia hall

    I so love everything Josh Todd does, and this is know different, Beast of Burden is nothing less than amazing as I’m sure all the songs in the 6 will be. And the ep “fuck” I’m sure will be great, everything Josh does is perfect. There are no other word to discride all that he does. Just can’t wait to get it and some merchandise. But most of all I really hope to get a chance to see B/C live this fall, not to brag” by I’ve been lucky enough to see them 3 times so fay. Angie

  3. Deb Kolar

    Have a nice pic from their GB show last night.. do you have a spot that we can send them for posting on the fan page?


  4. Michael

    Is it still possible to buy the Singles Club CD anywhere ?
    I initially pledged for the downloads before the CD was available, but would realy love to get the songs on CD aswell

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